MS Tank Manufacturer in India

We all use products made of steel in our daily lives. It’s a material that people prefer to choose prior to selection of other metals. Have you ever wondered why steel is the first choice compared to other metals? It’s because of its strength and structure, which makes steel of superior quality, compared to other metals. There are several types of steel, but the most common of them are following two:

1. Mild Steel: This steel is economical and is used mostly at the manufacturing units. There are several MS Tank Manufacturer in India that uses mild steel (MS) for manufacturing the MS Tanks. Mild steel is popular and also known as low carbon steel. Mild steel is inexpensive and that’s the first reason behind its popularity. Secondly, the property of this material can be a fit for manufacturing various different products. This metal can be applied on multiple areas to manufacture various different types of MS Products. Mostly this steel is used for manufacturing tanks of various sizes ranging from small to medium to large. The mild steel is one which contains less than two percent of carbon. However mild steel has a very less tensile strength. But if the mild steel is carburized, the surface of mild steel can still be made stronger. When tanks are manufactured, a large amount of steel is required. If 100 percent pure steel is used, it would become costlier of manufacturing companies to afford. That’s where the mild steel comes into existence.

2. Stainless Steel: This steel is costlier compared to mild steel, but it’s also stronger than mild steel. Due to the cost factor, you will find more MS Tank Manufacturer in India compared to Stainless Steel (SS) Tank Manufacturer in India . This material is used at only few manufacturing units because of its unaffordable cost factor. Kitchen utensils and other kitchen products are primary made up of stainless steel. This steel is also used in automotive industry.

As far as it concerns to affordable and quality steel tanks, our company believes in delivering only the best. We operate two manufacturing plants namely Parikh Explosive Consultants and Baba Fabrication Manufacturing. Our experts at both the plants produce quality tanks that are far more above than general industry standards. These are some of the primary reasons that have branded our company as one of the best MS Tank Manufacturer in India . If the amount of metals required in your project exceeds your budget range, then we have unique and affordable solutions to your problems. We hope for your trust and opportunity to serve you.